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19.06.2013DANFOSS UNIVERSE park in Denmark

Tower, K&K Combination with different Tunnel Slides, climbing elements, and integrated water play combination

Kaiser & Kühne waterplay at DANFOSS UNIVERSE

03.06.2013Dalben tower combination at Istanbul

Tower, Slide Tower, K&K Dalben Tower Combination with helical Tunnel Slide and integrated Roller Slide

In Istanbul, in the Botanical Garden, there is a new magic attraction since June 2013.

14.03.2013Tunnelslide Combination at Sauerlandpark / Germany

Tunnelslide Combination, Slide, Tunnel

New attraction in time, for the season-opening in April

08.05.2012Rietberg Horticultural Park

K&K Dalben tower combination with tunnel slide, spiral slide and roller slide

Grand opening on July 7, 2012

07.03.2012KAROLAM® Glued Robinia Wood

Kaiser & Kühne Play structure, Glued robinia  support posts, gluelam timber,  tube pedestal, tubular support

Glued robinia support posts on tube pedestals

09.05.2012K&K Tyre Spin 0-45210-000

tyre spin, 45210, playground item

Our tyre spin combines fun and training motor skills by demanding sophisticated motions from children ages eight and up and adults as well.

09.05.2012K&K Pendulum Swing 0-40720-000

Pendulum Swing, rotating, cross joint,

This newly-developed K&K Pendulum Swing offers a successful alternative to the K&K Platform Swing or also to our K&K Pendulum Scale.

09.05.2012K&K Climbing Tower 0-55450-500

climbing elements, wall, level of difficulty

Climbing with different levels of difficulty