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11.06.201830 years of Kaiser & Kühne

30 years of Kaiser & Kühne


New generation

25.04.2017Are you keen on action ?

Get on and punch it. You will find an unforgettable great experience. By shifting weight, you can remain rotating for hours – if your body allows it. "Even greater than flying?" Watch the following video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdJX7_Hh5Pc Please feel free to contact...

25.04.2017Game enjoyment guaranteed...

Float freely through the air and enjoy weightless conditions with our Kitesurfer. It invites you to linger and to recover fresh energy for new adventures. Our video is worth a thousand words.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HdJX7_Hh5Pc    Please feel free to contact us in...

14.02.2017How far can you go...

...on our Tango Dancer? Turning and tilting at the same time ensure a great deal of fun – butterflies in your stomach are only a walk in the park. See for yourself!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fi5z9yvypi4 Please feel free to contact us in case of queries or requests. Your local...

19.06.2013DANFOSS UNIVERSE park in Denmark

Tower, K&K Combination with different Tunnel Slides, climbing elements, and integrated water play combination

Kaiser & Kühne waterplay at DANFOSS UNIVERSE

03.06.2013Dalben tower combination at Istanbul

Tower, Slide Tower, K&K Dalben Tower Combination with helical Tunnel Slide and integrated Roller Slide

In Istanbul, in the Botanical Garden, there is a new magic attraction since June 2013.

14.03.2013Tunnelslide Combination at Sauerlandpark / Germany

Tunnelslide Combination, Slide, Tunnel

New attraction in time, for the season-opening in April

08.05.2012Rietberg Horticultural Park

K&K Dalben tower combination with tunnel slide, spiral slide and roller slide

Grand opening on July 7, 2012

07.03.2012KAROLAM® Glued Robinia Wood

Kaiser & Kühne Play structure, Glued robinia  support posts, gluelam timber,  tube pedestal, tubular support

Glued robinia support posts on tube pedestals

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