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    Total height
    1,65 m
    Height of seat
    0,17 m
    1,55 x 2,20 m
    Minimum space
    4,55 x 5,20 m
    Impact area at synthetic safety surface
    4 pcs. 0,40 x 0,40 x 0,25 m
    Installation time
    2 men 2 hrs. each (without foundation preparation)
    Weight in kg
    20 heaviest single part
    165 total
    Free fall height
    0,58 m


Mouse Hut - 0-39040-000

Mouse Hut - 0-39040-000

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Total height: 1,65 m
Height of seats: 0,17m
Supports: stainless steel tube Ø 38 x 2 mm 
Body/mouse ears/eyes: HPL 13 mm (orange, white)
Seat: HPL 13 mm (orange)
Crawling tunnel made of polypropylene, outside rippled smooth inside surface
Metal components: stainless steel 
Age Range of application Activities Productgroups
children from 1 year
public playgrounds
playgrounds for small children
social/motion activities
U3 Toddler's playground equipment