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    0,25 x 0,65 m
    Minimum space
    2,25 x 2,95 m
    Total height
    0,57 m
    Height of seat
    0,37 m
    Installation time
    delivered pre-mounted in one piece
    Impact area at synthetic safety surface
    6 m²
    incl. ground anchor
    In light soil (soil classes 6-9 according to DIN EN 1176, sand,bark mulch, fine gravel) covering of the base of the ground anchor with a foundation (0,80 x 0,50 x 0,10 m) is required.
    Weight in kg
    15 total
    Free fall height
    0,40 m


  • Assembly instructions
  • PDF (86 kB)
  • Certificates
  • PDF (114 kB)
  • Engineering drawings
  • JPG (40 kB)
  • maintenance manual
  • PDF (181 kB)

Rocker Dog - 0-44201-000

Rocker Dog - 0-44201-000

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Total height: 0,57 m
Height of seat: 0,37 m
See-saw construction: Stainless steel with ROSTA rubber spring element
Corpus: HPL 13 mm (green, dark blue)
Seat plate: HPL 13 mm (brown), anti-theft screw connection
Handgrip/footrest: Polyamide (white/black), with cover caps.

Incl. ground anchor
Age Range of application Activities Productgroups
children from 1 year
public playgrounds
playgrounds for small children
motion activities
See Saw Equipment
See saws
U3 Toddler's playground equipment